Travel Grants

The Travel Grant provides funding for graduate students to present Purdue research at academic conferences
This grant enhances the academic development of our awarded students and augments the overall quality of research at Purdue University

-- Important Links --

Check these links for quick access to submission deadlines, current policies, and examples of excellent applications!


-- Deadlines and Funding --

Next deadline: June 30th, 2021

Application Quality

 Tier 1 $750 

 Tier 2 $500 

 Tier 3 $250 


When considering submission deadlines remember that:

  • Travel Grants are reviewed on a monthly basis.

  • Travel must occur 1-4 months after the submission deadline.

  • Funding is not guaranteed.

Funding Tiers

The travel grant offers three funding tiers. Tiers are assigned based on average scores and final placement in applicant pool. Descriptions of the tiers are in the 'Application Rubric' section.


The number of awards allocated per month varies based on applicant pool size and budget. 


-- Application Instructions --

Before Applying

1. Review Eligibility Requirements 

  • Applicants must be presenting Purdue research at the conference (oral, poster, etc.)

  • Purdue graduate students may only submit one application per semester. 

  • Purdue graduate students may only receive one award per fiscal year (Summer - Spring)

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding, so double-check completion prior to submission

2. Read Reimbursement Policies

  • Applicants should understand the reimbursement procedures and policies here before traveling or making any purchases related to the applicant’s grant application.

  • Proper documentation must be submitted for full reimbursement.

Application Process

Write Application Essay

Essay Prompt

In 500 words or less (excluding title), please describe your research and the importance of attending this conference. Please keep in mind that your application will most likely be reviewed by someone outside your field, thus write for someone who might not be familiar with your subject area.

Essay Rubric

Your essay is the only component of the application this is used for scoring. Travel Grants are competitive and applicants are expected to thoroughly address each criterion. Please pay careful attention to the rubric provided below to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Formatting Instructions

  • Essay must fit on one (1) page, using one inch (1”) margins and size 11 Arial font.

    • ​Applications that are not formatted correctly will be docked 1 point on the final evaluation.

  • Travel Grant applications are evaluated by a double-blind review process. Do not include any identifying information, such as:

    • Your name

    • Your advisor’s name

    • Collaborators’ names

  • Save your application essay as a Word document (.docx) with the following naming scheme:

    • Lastname_Firstname_TravelGrant.docx

    • Essays that are not named correctly will be docked 1 point on the final evaluation.


Ask Advisor/Major Professor to Confirm Travel Plans

You must have support from your advisor/major professor to present your research. Ask your advisor to confirm their approval by emailing the Travel Grant Vice Chair. The email must include:

  • Your name

  • The name of the conference or event

  • The date and place of the conference or event

  • A statement that your advisor supports your attendance to that conference or event

  • A statement describing how your expenses will be paid prior to and during the trip, either by:

    • your personal credit/debit card, or 

    • your department (such as through a Purdue credit card or account)If your department is paying, your advisor must provide the names of any other individuals among whom the costs of the trip will be split or shared.

Your advisor’s statement must include all of these components and be sent to by the application deadline.


Submit your Application

When you have completed the above steps, submit your application through this online portal:


After completing the application, the survey will provide you with a pdf of your responses. It is the applicant’s responsibility to double-check the completion and accuracy of your responses.


- Vice Chair Office Hours - 

The Travel Grant vice chair is available by email to answer questions during the academic school year.




-- Application Rubric --


Applications are scored out of fifty points; there are ten criteria, each worth five points.

Click on the image below for a printable version.


After scoring applications, reviewers recommend one of four funding tiers, as shown below.






This is a poor application and should not be funded.

This application meets criteria and should be funded at $250.

This application is good and should be funded at $500.

This application is excellent and should be funded at $750.

Have questions about our Travel Grant?

Reach out to the Travel Grant Vice Chair for more info @