PGSG Senate

... bringing together voices from across Purdue's graduate programs

The Purdue Graduate Student Senate (PGSS) is the representative body for graduate students at Purdue University and the legislative arm of the PGSG. We represent a wide variety of Purdue graduate programs, who select their senators as outlined in the PGSG constitution.

A component of the success of the graduate experience is clear and effective lines of communication between the students and administrators. We feel this senate is a very effective means of starting a meaningful and lasting dialog that can only benefit the entire community. Graduate student senators are the most fundamental part of this mission.

At the Purdue Graduate Student Senate meetings, graduate students bring ideas and concerns they want to address and take part in a discussion and debate, leading to passage of bills and resolutions following formalized procedure. The PGSG executive board then follows up to implement these initiatives. Topics discussed and voted on may include changes to present PGSG operation, PGSG sponsored expendatures and co-sponsorships, resolutions pertinent to current events, among others. As an advocate for then entire graduate student body, PGSS may even seek to influence university level policy as it pertains to the welfare of graduate students.