PGSG Strategic Partnership

The PGSG Strategic Partnership is a grant program that offers
co-sponsorship funding for graduate student focused events that
complement the mission of PGSG: Life, Career, Community

Many events may be eligible for a Strategic Partnership and should consider the following:

How is the event important or impactful for Purdue graduate students? What is unique about the event?

In what ways will your event draw a diverse community of graduate students across different

cultures and different academic disciplines? How does the event embody the mission of PGSG?

-- Funding Amount --

The applicant may request an amount of $250, $500, or $750. Funding is limited by the number of applications and asking amount. Two to seven applications may be funded per semester.

-- Eligibility --

  1. The Strategic Partnership is co-sponsorship for a specific event. Any organization, student, or otherwise, is eligible for this program
    but (a) applications must be submitted by a current Purdue graduate student,
    and (b) the hosted event must have a graduate student focus or impact.

  2. The applicant must have at least one additional source of funding other than a prospective Strategic Partnership award reported
    at the time of application. The Strategic Partnership award may contribute only up to 50% of the total budget for the event.

  3. Any organization is eligible for a single Strategic Partnership award per academic year.

  4. Awards are subject to the limitations and policies governing the expenditure of student fees: See the PGSG Reimbursement Procedures


The following are ineligible for a strategic partnership:

  1. An event hosted by a registered graduate student organization who has received a PGSG GSOGA Grant if the event was included in the GSOGA application.

  2. An academic symposium: See PGSG Symposium Grant

  3. Permanent Capital: See PGSG Capital Improvement Fund

  4. An event by a student organization with a Mental Health Awareness Theme: See PGSG Mental Health Partnership Fund

-- Deadlines and Review Schedule --


Applications should be submitted directly to the PGSG GRAC Chair ( and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


The committee will meet and select awardees at the meeting of the PGSG Executive Board of the given month.

-- Application --


Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in delay of application review.

  1. Applications should be submitted directly to the PGSG GRAC Chair: (

    • A application should be submitted as a PDF and be limited to (2) pages.

    • The application should request a $250, $500, or $750 award amount.

    • A detailed budget and discussion for budget justification and cost-saving effort must be included.

    • The application should address how the event will be advertised to facilitate graduate student participation.

    • Supplemental information may be provided and does not count against the (2) page limit.

    • A successful application will address the criteria listed above and demonstrate due diligence of the applicant with respect to event organization and the appropriate use of funds.

  2. The PGSG President and Treasurer will review the application to ensure that the proposal is in line with the mission of Strategic Partnerships. If deemed appropriate, the application will be discussed and voted on by the full Executive Board at the following PGSG Executive Board meeting. A full application must be submitted no later than the Monday before the meeting where the application is to be discussed.

  3. The applicant or an organization representative will present the application and answer any questions at the Executive Board Meeting.

  4. Funds awarded will be processed as a reimbursement and are subject to the procedures, restrictions, and limitations as discussed in the PGSG Reimbursement Procedures available on the PGSG website.

  5. The decision of the Executive Board will be provided immediately after the vote. In the case of a negative outcome, feedback of the Executive Board will be provided in writing and the applicant will be offered (1) week to address any concerns.

Have Questions about our Strategic Partnership Fund?