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Next Generation Scholars 2020

What is NGS?

Next Generation Scholar (NGS) is organized by the Community Team of the Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) for high school students. This year, as part of NGS, we hosted a virtual research presentation session, and gave virtual tours of different lab facilities at Purdue and Purdue's cultural centers to the attending high school students. As the event was virtual, international schools were also able to participate in this year's NGS!


These events provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to inspire high school students and help them gain insight into what graduate research entails. This year we had graduate students from all across the campus send in virtual presentations and answer participants' questions via Zoom.


NGS was held virtually on 21st November, 2020.

Missed the event?

You can still watch it here!

Playlist of presentations and tours

Live event recording


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