Mental Health Partnership

The PGSG Mental Health Partnership is a grant program to sponsor or
co-sponsor Mental Health Awareness Events hosted by student organizations

-- Funding Amount --

Awards are capped at $250. Funding is limited by the number of applications per semester.

-- Eligibility --

  1. The Mental Health Partnership offers funding for a specific event. Any student organization is eligible for this program
    but (a) applications must be submitted by a current Purdue graduate student, 
    and (b) the event must have a demonstrable graduate student focus or impact.

  2. Any student organization is eligible for a single Mental Health Partnership award per academic year.

  3. Awards are subject to the limitations and policies governing the expenditure of student fees.
    See the PGSG Reimbursement Procedures here.


The following are ineligible for Strategic Partnership:

-- Deadlines and Review Schedule --


Applications should be submitted directly to the PGSG GRAC Chair ( and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


The committee will meet and select awardees prior to the meeting of the PGSG Executive Board of the given month.

-- Application --


Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in delay of application review.

  1. Applications should be submitted directly to the GRAC Chair (

    • A full application should be submitted as a PDF and be limited to two (2) pages.

    • The application should request a specific award amount. The award will be capped at $250.

    • A detailed budget must be included.

    • The application should address the the rationale for the particular event and how the event compliments the PGSG Mental Health Awareness mission.

  2. PGSG President, PGSG Life Team Chair, and PGSG Mental Health Awareness Week Director will review the application and the funding decision will be communicated to the application within (1) week of submission. In the event of a negative outcome, feedback will be provided in writing and the application will be offered (1) week to address any concerns.

  3. Awarded will be processed as a reimbursement and are subject to the procedures, restrictions, and limitations as discussed in the PGSG Reimbursement Procedures available on the PGSG website.

Have Questions about our Mental Health Partnership Fund?