Reallocation Guidelines for PGSG grants

Due to travel restrictions and cancellations during the COVID-19 outbreak, the following guidelines have been established. For additional questions, contact

Travel and Professional

For travel grants and professional grants with a travel component, funds may be used for a different event, provided the following rules are met:

  • Recipients must fill out the Grant Reallocation Form at the bottom of the page prior to travel in order for their new event to be approved. 

  • The new event must be closely related to the intent of the original application:

    • Travel grant recipients must present research findings and indicate the career impact the new event will provide.

    • Professional grant recipients must provide a simplified budget and indicate the relevance and benefit the new event will have on their professional development.

  • Reimbursement for new expenses will not exceed the amount of allocated funds. 

  • If a recipient plans to use their allocated funds for a different event, they must not submit an application for the same event. Attempts to use two grants for the same event will result in a loss of reimbursement.


The allocation of GSOGA funds will not be affected by event cancellations. However, on page 3 of the GSOGA Annual Report, please indicate the following:

  • A list of cancelled events that were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Indicate how the funds were used. If the GSO held new events, please provide a list of these events.

  • If the events were suspended and will occur at a later date, please indicate the date changes. No other details will be required.


Funds for cancelled symposiums may be used for a separate event, provided that the Symposium Grant eligibility requirements are still met. 

  • If a new symposium will be funded, please fill out the Grant Reallocation Form to indicate the new date and brief details for the event.

  • If the symposium was suspended and will occur at a later date, please indicate the date change on the Symposium Financial Report. No other details will be required.

GRant reallocation form

Use the form below to submit information for reallocated PGSG grants. Note: GSOGA recipients do not need to submit this form.