Graduate Student Equipment Fund

The Graduate Student Equipment Fund (GSEF) provides funding for graduate student groups to make improvements to the spaces provided to them. These spaces allow graduate students to congregate and develop both academic and personal connections, which are fundamental for collegialityquality of graduate student life and the collegiality of future work.

-- Eligibility and Restrictions --

To be eligible for the Graduate Student Equipment Fund, applying groups must:

  1. Maintain a permanent space for graduate students on the Purdue University – West Lafayette campus (e.g. a break room or commons area).

    • Departments that do not have a GSO but have a designated congregation area for graduate students are eligible to apply for funding.

    • For non-GSO groups, the application must originate from a graduate student within the department and be endorsed by the respective department head.

  2. Demonstrate authorization that they have permission to install or use goods purchased from this fund in the building in which they are housed (see the application section).

Funds from the GSEF may not be used for the following items:

  1. Consumable goods, including but not limited to food/drink or food/drink-related purposes (e.g. you can request a coffee machine, but not coffee, coffee filters, coffee cups, etc.).

  2. Cost of installing or maintaining any equipment purchased through the fund.


Note: Items purchased through GSEF must bear a decal or note indicating that it was funded by PGSG.

-- Deadlines and Review Schedule --

  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and do not have a set deadline. However, funds are limited!

  • Funding requests must be more than $100, but should not exceed $1,000.

  • Submit completed applications directly to the GRAC Chair ( Use "Graduate Student Equipment Fund Application" as the subject title.

  • The committee will meet and select awardees by the following PGSG Executive Board.

    • The selection committee reserves the right to reduce the amount of the award or substitute similar items as determined necessary but will seek assent from the requesting GSO.

    • The PGSG Treasurer will confirm the item(s) to be purchased and the award amount before purchases occur.

-- Application --

To apply for the Graduate Student Equipment Fund, a GSO must provide:

  1. A statement describing the how the space occupied by your GSO could be improved by the

    addition of these items (not to exceed two pages).

  2. A list of the items to be purchased, as detailed as possible with verifiable ordering information,

    delineated by the amount per item and the total costs.

  3. A brief statement from your building deputy authorizing the addition of these items to your dedicated space.

  4. Any supporting or supplemental information will not count for the two page limit.

-- Selection Criteria & Restrictions --


The selection committee shall comprise:

  • PGSG Treasurer

  • PGSG Senate Chair

  • GRAC  Chair

  • GSOGA Vice Chair

  • Note: The PGSG President will cast only a tie-breaking vote when necessary. 

The selection procedure:

  • The selection committee shall vote for one of three outcomes:

  1. The application is approved as submitted 

  2. The application is approved with changes

  3. The application is denied

  • If the committee approves the award with changes, the PGSG Treasurer will communicate the suggested changes for assent to the GSO no later than one week following the decision of the selection committee.

  • The GSO will have two business weeks to assent to the changes, or it shall forfeit the entire award.

  • If the GSO rejects the suggested changes, the award will be denied.

  • Any GSO whose application has been denied may reapply for the GSEF at any time. Written feedback for the decision of the selection committee will be provided on request.

  • It is strongly encouraged that re-submitted applications address any concerns previously raised.

  • A majority vote of the committee is needed to approve the award. Any member of the committee with a conflict of interest will be required to abstain from the vote, and this information
    will be provided along with the award decision.


The number of awards approved in a given selection period shall not be limited, except where the amount requested from the fund exceeds the amount remaining in the fund.

Have Questions about our Graduate Student Equipment Fund?