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CILMAR Mini-Grant Program


Each spring CILMAR invites faculty, staff and graduate students across the West Lafayette campus to compete for grants of $500-$2000 to be used for research pertaining to intercultural learning. This program supports faculty, staff and doctoral students who wish to engage in the assessment of intercultural learning outcomes and/or to conduct studies of intercultural competency development but lack the resources to do so.  Applicants may request mini-grants up to $2,000 and are encouraged to seek commitments for matching funds from their unit leadership.  Please note that CILMAR mini-grants are not meant to cover or reduce the cost of study abroad travel, although travel for other purposes (e.g., data collection, conference presentations) may be allowable.


Each year The Manuscript Society chooses a worthy graduate student as the recipient of the Richard Maass Grant in the amount of $5,000. The grant is named in memory of humanitarian, benefactor and legendary collector Richard Maass, one of the founders of the Manuscript Society. Because the Purdue University Library is an institutional member of the Society your students are eligible to apply for this prestigious award.


Recent recipients of the Maass Grant have included doctoral students from such institutions as the University of Illinois, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania.


The Maass Grant is open to individuals pursuing graduate studies which involve the extensive use of original manuscripts. The Grant is to be used for expenses related directly to research using original manuscripts. Applications from doctoral students are given priority. There is no restriction regarding field of study. Application deadline is February 14, 2020.


The size of the applicant pool for this award varies, but may be as few as six for the coming year. Hence, I urge you to disseminate information about the Grant to interested Purdue students. It would be an honor for Purdue U. if one of its students is next year's Grant recipient.


More information about the Grant can be found at:


Interested students must submit (1) a letter of application, (2) a résumé, (3) an anticipated budget, (4) a proposal of no more than three double-spaced pages and (5) two or three letters of recommendation sent to the scholarship committee. One letter must be from the thesis or dissertation advisor. The proposal should demonstrate that the research involves considerable work with original manuscripts.


Each file name should start with the applicant’s surname, for example SmithProposal; SmithBudget; SmithSupportLetter; etc. All applicants will be notified of the scholarship committee’s decision soon after March 17, 2020.

Send inquiries to Dr. Ellen Howell Myers at Send applications and supporting letters to

Please feel free to contact me or Dr. Myers if you have any questions.

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