Geraldine M. Tembo

Geraldine is a final year master's student in the department of food science. Her current research involves a study of the effects of storage temperature and conditions on hops stability and how it affects consumer's perceptions about the taste of beer. Geraldine completed her undergraduate studies at the Botswana College of Agriculture (now known as Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural resources) with a BSc in Food science and technology. She came to Purdue as a Fulbright scholar to continue with a masters in food science. Geraldine plays and enjoy a variety of sports, especially soccer. 


Geraldine's roles and duties as treasurer are, but not limited to, overseeing the budget, keeping accounts, depositing the organization's funds, and managing expenditures in a way that is approved by the business office for student organizations. With the assistance of relevant committee, Geraldine also ensures the timely review and distribution of any and all grant and grant-like awards administered by the PGSG.

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