Senate Chair

Connie Muniandy

Connie is a Ph.D student in the Department of Food Science where she is working towards developing an innovative technology for shelf life prediction of food and beverages. Connie earned her B.S. in Food Science from Purdue in 2013 and her M.S. in Food Science from the University of Idaho in 2015. She returned to Purdue in 2017 to pursue her second master’s in food processing, after working in the food industry for 2 years in R&D. Connie enjoys salsa dancing, traveling, painting artwork and creating new food recipes for her blog. She is passionate about food and competes in professional food product development competitions.


  • Attend all meetings of the PGSG and the Executive Board

  • Preside over all PGSS meetings, distribute all pending legislation, and resolutions to members of PGSG and the Executive Board

  • Publicly disseminate legislation and resolutions as well as their status of passage upon completion of PGSS meeting

  • Organize and disseminate the agenda and collect officer report for all PGSS meetings

  • Be a non-voting, ex-officio member of all board, councils, committees and commissions of PGSG

  • Maintain detailed records of PGSS attendance with assistance from senate clerk

Office Hours:

By Email

Additional Roles: