Legislative Affairs Officer

Kilian Kelly

Kilian Kelly is a second year, dual degree master's student in Applied Anthropology and Public Health. They are currently engaged in two ongoing research projects. The first looks at how to actively support diverse authors in the publishing process and ensure diverse voices are represented in the anthropological literature of practice. The second looks at family-friendly policies at Purdue and how new parents are able to establish and maintain work-life balance after returning to work after welcoming a new child into their home. Kilian currently hold two bachelor's degrees: a B.A. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Anthropology. In their free time, Kilian is a drag performer and works with the community to create safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ people in northwest, central Indiana.


- Monitor and report on local, state, and federal policies that affect the rights and safety of graduate students. 

- Serve as a liaison of PGSG to local governing bodies. 

- Work with the PGSG President and Diversity Officer to pursue the policy needs of our students across campus. 

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