Community Chair

Alka Tiwari

Alka is an international student and NASA fellow pursuing her research in the field of hydrology, data science and extreme events such as hurricane. She belongs to the departments of Civil Engineering and Ecological Sciences and Engineering. She earned her Master's in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India.

In her free time, Alka enjoys astronomy, hiking, tennis, mountaineering. She is keen to explore books and conversations that invigorate ideas and perception, practice meditation, yoga, and is vocal about causes related to women's representation in data science and engineering.


  • Attending all meetings of the Executive Board of PGSG.

  • Organize events that improve the quality of life, and the cultural and social environment for graduate students at Purdue University

  • Organize volunteering events to enhance the campus life of graduate students and building relations with the larger Lafayette/West Lafayette communities.

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