Career Chair

Lakshman Rajagopal

Lakshman is an international student pursuing a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering. He earned his Bachelors from the National University of Singapore in Chemical Engineering in 2015. Lakshman has spent almost 8 years in Singapore and would love to go back and visit sometime. This is his second year being a part of PGSG and first year heading the Career Team. He loves playing sports and is a huge Formula1 fan. He also enjoys reading the occasional book and travelling.


The objective of the Career team is to facilitate the continual professional growth of Purdue graduate students within and beyond the classroom. Some of Lakshman's responsibilities include:

  1. Organizing the Graduate Career Fair which brings prospective employers in touch with some of the best and brightest graduate students at Purdue. The Graduate Career Fair is one of the main events organized by the Career team.

  2. Providing support to professional development workshops and events happening on campus.

  3. Leveraging Purdue's reputation and its network as well as PGSG's connections to aid graduate students in their chosen career paths.

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